Terms of Booking

  • By booking our facilities you are accepting these Terms of Booking, Covid Conditions and Disclaimer, so you will not have to sign one when you get here
  • The person making the Booking has responsibility for informing all the people that they are booking for of the clauses and terms found here and guarantees that all riders are competent at using the facilities
  • Please await confirmation of your booking before arriving
  • Payment must be received before arrival
  • One horse riders must be accompanied by a responsible adult
  • Children should be kept under constant supervision
  • Parking is on the grass area, adjacent to the Arena
  • Please be aware that there is a public footpath which runs along the parking area – please look out for walkers
  • Horses must have up to date flu vaccinations
  • Owners/riders declare that the horses are healthy and have not been in contact with any others showing signs of infectious disease
  • Please do not enter the yard outside of the XC
  • Only jump fences within your own/horse’s fitness and comfort level and ride according to ground conditions taking extra care when wet
  • Do not muck out lorry/trailer in the parking area – please take all rubbish home with you
  • Hats and body protectors to current British Eventing standards, along with boots with heels are compulsory
  • Please let us know of any SJ or XC damages, so we can make it safe for other users
  • SJ Hire – please return all SJ to 80/90cm
  • There will be times when part of the course is closed for maintenance which you may not be aware of when you make your booking
  • Should we need to cancel your booking for any reason we will rearrange the booking when we contact you, or arrange for a refund
  • Instructors or any person responsible for a rider must have a public liability insurance policy with an Indemnity to Principal extension
  • It is recommended that riders have personal accident cover
  • Any person responsible for a horse using the facilities should have insurance for that horse for third party liability and for injury, vet fees and death cover
  • Rabson Manor staff are not responsible for providing First Aid or First Aid equipment, although there is a Kit in the Reception Area.  In the event of an emergency there are contact/grid reference/what3word details in the Reception Area and on the XC entrance gate. Please let the Owners know if there is an emergency.
  • It is strongly advised to close the gates behind you
  • Should you have a Complaint, or a Suggestion – please do contact us – we will be happy to help and would much rather know if something is not to your satisfaction.

Covid Conditions

  • If you or members of your household are displaying symptoms please do not come.
  • The rules of Social Distancing apply at all times whilst you are on site
  • Please park responsibly – there is plenty of space to ensure Social Distancing
  • One-way system for entry and exit of the XC – Entry through red gates/Exit through silver – please use gloves to open and close these gates
  • Please do not use the on-site toilet facilities, except in an emergency
  • Please bring your own water for horse wash/drinking
  • Please do not arrive too early or overstay once finished
  • No dogs
  • For larger numbers, eg PC/RC Rallies, it is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure that the BEF guidelines and social distancing is followed


By booking you agree that:

  1. I confirm that I have read and understood and will abide by the Terms of Booking and Covid Conditions.
    If under 18, the parent or guardian has read and understood and communicated this to the child in a way that the child can understand.
  2. I understand that horse riding is a risk sport and I accept and consent to the inherent risks involved, including the risk of injury to horse or rider
    If under 18 the parent or guardian has understood this risk on behalf of the child and they acknowledge and accept the risk on the child’s behalf.
  3. Neither the Owners, nor any agent, employee or representative of the Owners will be responsible or liable to you for any accident, loss, claim, demand, action, proceeding, damage, cost, expense, injury or illness suffered by or to yourself, your horse, your possessions, your vehicles and their contents and accessories, or to any other person or property whatsoever
  4. The Owners shall not be liable for any accident, loss, claim, demand, action, proceeding, damage, cost, expense, injury or illness caused by reasons beyond its control
  5. The Owner’s liability in any event shall not exceed the amount paid
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, the Owners do not exclude liability for death or personal injury arising from their own negligence

We hope you enjoy your time here at Rabson Manor and thanks for coming.